Diceware Passphrase Creator

Diceware Passphrase Creator

A tool for making strong, memorable passphrases.


About Diceware Passphrase Creator

Diceware Passphrase Creator helps you create strong, memorable passphrases, such as CrimpGnarlFewTrenchWaist or plum down dizzy 123 egypt foot, by rolling six-sided dice to randomly select from a set of 7776 possible words. This system is more unpredictable than picking words on your own or trusting computer-generated randomness. It's great for making the master password for a password manager program so you only need to memorize a single strong passphrase. It's also handy for securing wireless networks, disk encryption, PGP email encryption keys, and more.

This program is based on the Diceware Wordlist by Arnold Reinhold and best practice instructions by Micah Lee.

Strong, memorable passphrases

Long, random passphrases are more secure because they're more difficult for an attacker to guess than simple passwords. While Batman1989 is easily guessed and &1KJl6a8y$g*01W}i21!MZ is too hard to remember, Diceware passphrases like ChillyDressyDataShakenCrater are strong and memorable.

Here are some more examples of memorable passphrases made with this program:

  • Snout Prop Endow Sauce Gogh Venial
  • chiefnepalsurgedamevokegourd
  • shall pest fount brine usc doria bates
  • KinCaineNoisyShredLax,
  • FeeGripAfricaEngleVivo>2123

How does it work?

The idea is that you roll a die five times to randomly select each word for your passphrase. The program will take those numbers and look up the corresponding words in a list of thousands of words. For instance, if you rolled 2-6-1-5-5, the resulting word would be "foil." The more words you have, the smaller the chance that anyone would ever guess your passphrase.

Why use dice?

Dice are ideal because they're a more reliable and transparent source of randomness than choosing numbers yourself or having a computer generate random numbers. Humans tend to have too much bias when attempting to make random selections, and it's too hard to prove that computer randomness is truly random.

Easy to share and safe to use

The program is designed as a self-contained webpage: it's a single file that doesn't load any external content, which means it's not only safe and private, but also highly compatible and easy to share. Email it to all your friends! You can even use it offline – simply save it on your hard drive and use it whenever a new passphrase is needed.


Diceware Passphrase Creator works on any operating system in modern web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer; Firefox is highly recommended. Make sure you're running the latest version of your web browser in order to have the best security protection.

At least one six-sided die is needed in order to create random passphrases. If you don't have dice, try to get some; if that's not possible, the program can generate pseudo-random numbers instead, but dice should be preferred.


Diceware Passphrase Creator is copyright © 2016 Lucas Bleackley Petter.


Diceware Passphrase Creator is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

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